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What is "nomyne"? 3 things that we want people to know

Search dedicated to naming

Naming and branding requires a search engine dedicated to that purpose.
Keyword search engines such as Google search for "keywords that already exist in the world."
It is impossible to search a "new name" that is about to be created.
nomyne is a search engine designed specifically for naming.
You can also search for similar names that cannot be found by keyword search engines.

Names are a limited resource

Names are like gold and are a limited resource.
There are 6,250,000 possible combinations of four katakana characters.
This may seem enormous at first glance, but considering the sounds and similarities of Japanese, the actual number is about 500,000.
Currently, there are 1,500,000 registered trademarks in Japan.
With that in mind, you should consider that a simple 4 letter name is already "exhausted".

Naming (trademark) is indefinite

Ideas (patents / copyrights) have an expiration date, but names (trademarks) have an indefinite period.
In Japan, patents expire after 20 years from filing. Copyrights expire 70 years after death.
However, trademarks can be used indefinitely as long as it is renewed.
This is also proof that a trademark is the foundation of the going concern of the business.
For proper trademarks, it is necessary to be aware of the acquisition of rights.